AI-powered Market Network for Commercial Real Estate companies

Our predictive Artificial Intelligence algorithm is trained on CRE companies' data points and helps verified buyers and sellers to match against a specific property.


Automation for CRE enterprises

Predictive AI

Companies ranking

We analyze millions of datapoints to match sell-side prompts with buy-side companies across all asset classes globally.


Global CRE Headlines

Daily news headlines from global outlets, organized by regions, and including tools for searching and filtering.


Encrypted chat with members

Instant messaging service for warmed-up connection with companies who are actively on the market.

Generative AI

Content Generation

Tools to generates ultra-personalized email content, different location maps and tailored property description.


Members profile

Name, title, LinkedIn profile and email address of thousands of CRE professionals globally, carefully selected.

SOON Generative AI

Market trends chatbot

Interactive chat with our bot about hundreds of market reports from various sources, including historical data.






Global CRE Outlets

Companies locations

Countries locations

Companies segments