Looking for Commercial Real Estate buyers?
AI can help.

LombardGPT tracks and recommends commercial real estate investors for your transactions so you can find more buyers faster and reduce your costs.

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Matching automation for CRE enterprises

Forget about endless hours to keep track of buyers criteria, email contacts and recent news. It’s all in one place with constant updates.

A small monthly subscription instead of diluting your hard-earned success fee. Reach buyers directly and avoid the usual chain of middle-men.

Break the closed circuit and increase the opportunities for your deals. Your business network can now expand to hundreds of untapped buyers.

With LombardGPT your team will spend less time looking for answers and more time closing business. Sign up for a free trial.

CRE matching, smarter

⦿  Buyers search

Access buyers profiles across regions and asset types.

⦿  Real Estate news

Stay up to date with global industry headlines.

⦿  Property data

Export geospatial data about any property.