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Our algorithm searches, profiles and ranks corporate investors in all asset classes across global markets.

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Execution is our #1 priority

We are a delivery-focused group of individuals with domain expertise, local networks and sharp vision.


Tokyo, Japan

London, UK

Supported by:

  • Alberto MG Saruggia

    Founder CEO

  • Juay Hiang Tan

    Real Estate Asia Pacific

  • Nobuyuki Yamada

    Real Estate Japan

  • Fumiyo Takei

    Real Estate Japan

  • Nils HΓΌbener

    Real Estate Europe

  • Chris Hodgens

    Legal Affairs

  • Suleman Tariq



πŸ‘‰ Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

We are working hard to release the Beta version by end 2022.

No, we are not involved into transactions or communications between users.

Besides our organic network, the algorithm first scrapes and ranks publicly available sources, then matches buyers against the asset description.