Leverage AI for CRE matching

LombardGPT is an AI-powered index of Commercial Real Estate buyers. We use Large Language Models (LLMs) to analyze millions of datapoints and accurately match sell side requests with potential buyers in all asset classes across global markets.

Summarization & Classification

Each buyer is summarized and classified as developer, operator, asset manager, family office, service provider or financial institution.

Semantic rank

Potential buyers are ranked and recommended by our AI algorithm based on a specific property's location, type, strategy and layout.

Generative AI emails

Ultra-personalized, human-like email content is created automatically for each property and sent to multiple buyers in one click.

Buyers locations

Buyers segments

Our data, in numbers

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Boost business, increase productivity

Our team has deep knowledge of bottlenecks, painpoints and concerns within a traditional industry such as CRE. We have designed a toolkit of features and functionalities to digitize your business with modern technologies, and to make it as smooth as possible.

With LombardGPT your team will spend less time looking for answers and more time closing business. Register to the Beta release, we'll offer a free trial.